About Us

About Us


We are a team that has worked together for more than 20 years. Our professionals are recognized at a national and international level.

We shaped our working culture focused on providing an excellent service. Working together with our clients, we achieved a deep understanding of their industries, learnt to appreciate their needs and fully respond to their specific requirements from a legal and commercial perspective.

Our goal is to provide creative and customized solutions. We left behind the traditional concept of a Patent and Trademark Agency to develop our own idea of a dynamic boutique firm. We envision the future with an innovative and disruptive spirit.

We believe that providing only traditional Intellectual and Industrial Property services is not enough. Today, it is imperative to have a macro perspective on Intangible Assets: image, personal data, reputation, clientele, and technology-related matters, among others. We encourage you to accept us as strategic allies so as to maximize the potential of your projects.

We are agents of transformation. Each one of us, from our role and personality, strives to improve processes and relationships within the team, towards clients, and with society. We learn, transmit, and change our habits to achieve what we believe is best for everyone.

We are committed to becoming a Certified B Company. We took that path intuitively, as a result of our culture and values. We are committed to our clients and to the environment.

Here we go! Wanna join us?

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