We assist our clients in all matters related to their intellectual and industrial property as well as their other intangible assets, technology and privacy, from the moment an idea is born until its full development and potential.

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One of the first steps when developing a product or service is to give it a name and an identity: the brand.

The brand is the vehicle through which we will share our story. It is one of the most important stages of any project since it builds a relationship between the product or service and the consumer.

Moreover, the brand is a sign that creates bonds and makes people feel identified with the product or service and want to acquire it.

The goal of a brand is to be recognized, and the creation of its identity implies understanding how we want to be recognized by consumers.

At OJAM BULLRICH FLANZBAUM we have a team specialized in naming and branding (“Be Brand”). We help you develop your identity and your brand, so that you may build the story you want to tell.

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With more than 20 years of experience, we advise our clients on the protection of their Intellectual and Industrial Property rights (trademarks, industrial models and designs, utility models and patents, copyrights, and domain names, among others) as well as any other intangible asset.

Our team of experts is made up of attorneys and Industrial Property agents, who assist clients, both locally and internationally.

At OJAM BULLRICH FLANZBAUM we adopt a macro perspective on our clients’ Intangible Assets. We design a comprehensive plan that includes the protection of know-how, secrets, confidential information, commercial reputation and protection of clientele, privacy, publicity rights, fair trade, advertising regulations, labelling and consumer protection, among others.

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We have the team and expertise required to advise our clients on the defense of their Intellectual and Industrial Property rights and Intangible Assets, both in Argentina and worldwide. We provide creative and innovative solutions from a business perspective.

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Technology & Privacy: we provide IT legal services in the most pragmatic, cost-effective and business-oriented way. We deliver innovative and creative solutions jointly with practical and strategic advice. Our IT & Privacy practice takes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and integrated approach to help clients in a wide variety of areas.

Contracts: in order to optimize and maximize the value of our clients’ Intangible Assets, we draft, review, and negotiate all types of agreements involving such rights. We are committed to obtaining the best terms and conditions.

Audit: we advise our clients in audit processes (due diligence), assisting in the investigation, analysis, and valuation of Intangible Assets, as well as in the negotiation of all types of related agreements.

Valuation: we have a team specialized in the valuation of Intangible Assets through different accounting methods (Royalty relief, BFinance, CAPM, RCM, multipliers, replacement value, etc.)

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