OBF Be Brand

OBF Be Brand


If you are thinking of a name for your project, you can count on us!

We help founders name their companies, products, and services.

The name of a project is the first step towards its own identity, like our name, which makes us unique and unrepeatable. Such is the relevance that the process of selecting a brand name for your project (Naming) has for us.

What message do we want our product or service to convey to the market? What audience do we want to reach? How do we want our clientele to feel? Where do we want to position ourselves in the market and with respect to our competitors? These are some of the questions that we need to ask ourselves when developing your brand together.

Our experience in advising multinational clients, SMEs, and entrepreneurs allows us to clearly identify the story that each brand wants to tell. The life of your business, starting with its name, needs the protection and care that we can provide – and enjoy doing so!

Drop us a line and let’s name your project together!

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