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How to avoid rebranding and the Toblerone case

By Delfina Sejas. We all know the iconic Toblerone packaging, yellow and with a mountain. For many, it is just a mountain, but in fact, the main logo of the Mondelez trademark represents a Swiss mountain known as the “Matterhorn”. Switzerland was where the U.S. company produced the well-known chocolate in the shape of “triangles”, […]

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Women and IP: innovation and science in Argentina

By Raquel Flanzbaum and Mariel Chichisola. Women do not hold places of relevance in science and innovation in the same proportion as men. This is well known and widely discussed, and it is difficult to change this situation. The ongoing debate about the ability of legislative change to produce social transformation is interesting. Is it […]

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Summary of the article “Apuntes sobre la modernización de la Ley de Marcas” (Notes on the modernization of the Trademark Law), published in the Industrial Property Supplement –, on April 18, 2023. Author: Juan Carlos Ojam.

The author comments on the main issues that, in his opinion, should be updated in the Argentine Trademark Law (Law No. 22,362[1], enacted December 26, 1980 and amended in 2018 by the decree of necessity and urgency No. 27/2018 on “Debureaucratization and simplification”[2], subsequently ratified by Law No. 27,444 on “Simplification and Debureaucratization for the […]

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Argentina is now a party to the Convention 108+ of the Council of Europe

By Andrea Sanchez Vicentini, Josefina Piñeiro and Mariano Peruzzotti. On April 17th, Argentina became the 23rd State to ratify the Convention 108+ of the Council of Europe. In a ceremony held during the opening of the Privacy 2023 Symposium devoted to the Treaty, the Director of the Agency of Access to Public Information of Argentina, […]

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Can functional shapes be protected under copyright?

By Antonella Balbo. Copyright law is essential for protecting creative works such as literary, artistic, and musical works. However, is copyright an option to protect functional shapes, when they can no longer be protected under industrial property law? When an invention complies with the requirements of novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability, providing a new […]

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