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Diversity & Gender – What the pandemic left us and what we have learned

By Raquel Flanzbaum. Gender tells a lot about how important D&I really is for an organization. Although it is not the only factor to consider (as ethnicity, age, culture, disability and sexual orientation are other tools of analysis), in these post-pandemic days it is useful to review the gender issue in organization and what changes, […]

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Privacy – New Argentine draft bill on personal data protection

By Mariano Peruzzotti. A new draft bill on personal data protection  (“Draft Bill”) was officially released on September 12, 2022, and individuals and organizations may submit their comments to the text until September 30. On August 2022, the Argentine Agency of Access to Public Information, supervisory authority of the Argentine Data Protection Law (“DPA”), has initiated […]

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Trademarks – The HEPATIC trademark: a ‘strike’ on the applicant’s liver

By Abril Neiman and Camila Sirianni. The Federal Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals confirmed the First Instance decision that declared the non-registrability of the descriptive trademark HEPATIC, and rejected the cancellation action on grounds of lack of use over the opponent’s trademark LORHEPATIC. After seven years, Chamber II of the Court of Appeals declared […]

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Copyright – “Not So Magical” Misuse

By Julieta Pérez Espinosa. In the recent case “Marketing Externo SA c. Telecom Personal SA s/ Damages” (File No. 23,837/2017) dated August 10, 2022, Chamber G of the National Court of Civil Appeals confirmed the sentence that admitted the claim for damages, for the unauthorized use of the song “Magic City” from “Tan Bionica” in an […]

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Trademarks – Qatar 2022 and Ambush Marketing

By Delfina Sejas, Andrea Sanchez Vicentini and Mateo Darget. We are weeks away from the beginning of a new soccer World Cup, an event that draws the attention of millions of people around the world. Qatar 2022 will host the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup. On several occasions, companies develop advertising campaigns related […]

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