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Privacy – The Supreme Court does not grant the right to be forgotten

By Mariano Peruzzotti and Mateo Darget. On June 28, 2022, the Supreme Court of Justice rejected a ruling that had admitted the right to be forgotten in a claim filed against Google. Previously, the Court of Appeals had ordered the search engine to proceed to de-index certain contents referring to events that had occurred more […]

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Palliative Care Law – The Palliative Care Law was sanctioned

By Julieta Pérez Espinosa. On July 5, the new national palliative care law was passed in Argentina (Law No. 27,678). Its purpose is to ensure the patient access to comprehensive palliative care benefits in the public, private and social security spheres, and support for their families. With 218 affirmative votes and one negative, the Chamber […]

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Trademarks – The opening of the evidenciary stage in the direct appeal

By Josefina Mortola. In the Case “SPEED PUBLICIDAD SACI C/ CISLAGHI, ADOLFO ALBERTO S/ APEL. ADMINISTRATIVE RESOLUTION” (Case No. 1806/2021) dated March 10, 2022, Chamber I of the Civil and Commercial Federal Court of Appeals analyzed the introduction of new evidence during the filing of the Direct Appeal. The dispute began when Speed ​​Publicidad Saci […]

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Trademarks – Confronted by “pearls”

By Belén Sorrentino and Camila Sirianni. The Federal Civil and Commercial Court upheld the decision of the lower court that ordered the cease of use of the trademark “PERLAS” and the compensation of the damages caused to the owner of the trademark “PERLAS DEL MAR” (Chamber II, “Despo Jorge Eduardo v. Agronor S.A. seeking the […]

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Patents – Argentina starts implementing new WIPO Standard ST 26

By Rosario Mauro. As of July 1st, 2022 Argentina has begun implementing WIPO Standard ST.26, simultaneously with all Industrial Property Offices. The main purpose of this change is to provide a uniform format across all patent offices for better accessibility, classification and preservation of the information. The new standard will apply to all patent applications filed […]

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