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New program for transparency and personal data protection in the use of Artificial Intelligence

Written by Mariano Peruzzotti and Josefina Piñeiro On September 4th, 2023, Resolution No. 161/2023 (hereinafter “Resolution”) of the Argentine Agency for Access to Public Information (hereinafter, “AAPI”) was published in the Official Gazette, approving the Program for transparency and personal data protection in the use of Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter, the “Program”). The main purpose of […]

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A trademark in its path to the logic

Written by The trademarks world is in constant dispute, where brand identity and trademark registration intertwine in a sort of never-ending legal battle. In this sense, Chamber No. I of the Federal Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals witnessed a case[1] where a famous water company called ECO DE LOS ANDES applied for a […]

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Compensation for damages regime and habeas data actions in Argentina

Written by Mariano Peruzzotti, Julieta Martinez Correa and Josefina Piñeiro In the decision “La Rocca, Vicente José c/ Cencosud S.A. s/ Habeas Data (art. 43, CN)”, Division I of the Court of Appeals in Civil and Commercial matters (“Court of Appeal”) upheld the original ruling that dismissed the claim for non-pecuniary damages in a lawsuit […]

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1, 2, 3, Testing

Written by Belén Sorrentino In 2019, a first-instance judge ordered Club Atlético All Boys to pay $42,000 (USD 120.86 at the official exchange rate) to SADAIC for the use of music without SADAIC’s authorization in two events, which fell under SADAIC´S category “meals with show”[1]. SADAIC had filed the lawsuit because the club had not […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Copyright

Written by Florencia Gutiérrez and Mariel Chichisola Society and technology are advancing exponentially. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on its way to becoming a fundamental tool for addressing concerns and performing tasks, whether they are work-related, academic, or even for entertainment purposes. What does artificial intelligence mean? Artificial intelligence encompasses several different techniques. One of the […]

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