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Intangible Assets – Valuation of intangibles

By Sergio Queipo. 1. How much are my ideas worth? What is the valuation of intangibles? Projects are born from ideas, hence, there is always an intangible in its essence. This initial asset multiplies itself, creating many others, like trademarks, patents, industrial models, among others. These assets are usually the biggest part of a company’s […]

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Privacy – Personal Data Protection news in LATAM

By Mateo Darget and Josefina Piñeiro. In this article, we comment some of the most important developments that took place during the last few months in Latin America regarding personal data protection. (i) Ibero-American Network – On September 27, the Ibero-American Data Protection Network published the “Guide for the implementation of standard contractual clauses that can […]

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Trademarks – Liability of Internet intermediaries

By Belén Sorrentino. A recent decision of the National Civil Court of the City of Buenos Aires highlighted the importance of intellectual property protection programs provided by e-commerce platforms. These programs are an essential tool in any corporate policy to fight against trademark infringement and other intangible assets. The case “Maradona Villafañe, Dalma Nerea and others […]

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Taxes – Chile – Professional services will be subject to VAT

By Josefina Piñeiro. As from January 1, 2023, all professional services in Chile will be subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) unless they are expressly exempted, such as education, health, transportation, taxpayers who issue charge slips and professional societies. Therefore, professional services, technical advisory and consulting services will be subject to VAT.  For further information please […]

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Diversity – October 12th: a day to reflect on cultural diversity

By Abril Neiman. Every year, in October, in Latin America we commemorate a date of great meaning for our culture, although few people really understand the significance of this holiday. For this reason, we take this opportunity to highlight the history of the 12 of October -specially in Argentina- and reflect on the concept of cultural […]

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Copyright – Plagiarism is avoidable

By Delfina Sejas and Julieta Pérez Espinosa. Plagiarism and misuse of other people’s works has always existed, but today these crimes seem to be commonplace. The biggest challenge authors face is proving plagiarism and proving who is the true owner of the work. On this occasion, we bring you some practical legal advice to strengthen […]

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