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Well-known marks, with Juan Carlos Ojam

Does the current Argentine concept of WELL-KNOWN MARKS adjust to today’s demands? Our partner Juan Carlos Ojam gives his opinion on how trademarks no longer have a territory and that their economic reality must be protected.

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VIDEO: World Intellectual Property Day – April 26

World Intellectual Property Day – April 26Today we join this year’s theme proposed by World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO: “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future”. This theme explores how youth are driving a positive change in encouraging innovation and creativity within intellectual property, so we asked them what they think about it.

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VIDEO: Soft Skills, with Mariel Chichisola

We share with you this video published by, where our partner Mariel Chichisola talks about the growing tendency of companies demanding profiles with soft skills, and the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.Thank you for the invitation!

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VIDEO: “OBF Solidario” in 1 minute

“OBF Solidario” in 1 minute – In this video, Ludmila Fernández Truglia tells us about our ​​Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area, through which we help vulnerable communities and groups. We invite you to get to know and collaborate with the NGOs and associations with which we work: 👉IG: @apaer / – Civil Association of Godparents for Students and […]

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VIDEO: Why do we like to advise entrepreneurs?

Why do we like to advise entrepreneurs? In this video, Mariel Chichisola, Paula Giannetti and Octavio Krause tell us about their experience advising entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur or have an SME, you can count on us. We are here to become your strategic allies.

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