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Trademarks – The Madrid protocol in Latin America

By Raquel Flanzbaum. In the expansion of the Madrid Union in Latin America, there are two milestones: first, the accession of the United States of America, where the Protocol entered into force in 2003[1], and secondly the adoption of Spanish as a working language, which came into force in 2004[2]. During the meeting held on […]

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Trademarks – Distinctive signs in the music industry

By Paula Caraffa Morando and Sol Baudino. GIBSON and FENDER are trademarks that identify the guitars that have become iconic in the music industry. Apart from the wordmarks GIBSON and FENDER, their logos with their particular typography are also very characteristic: Their fame was earned throughout a long path, which is reflected both in the […]

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Patents – PCT: Considerations at the time of establishing strategies in LATAM

By Rosario Mauro. This article refers to the countries of the region that did not subscribe to the PCT Treaty, the consequences for applicants and some important considerations when establishing the patent strategy in LATAM. As known, the main goal of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is to facilitate the filing of patent applications internationally […]

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Privacy – Personal Data Protection news in LATAM

By Andrea Sanchez Vicentini, Belén Sorrentino, Delfina Sejas and Mateo Darget. We summarize some of the latest developments on personal data protection that took place in different countries of Latin America over the last months. Brazil On February 10, 2022, the National Congress enacted the Constitutional Amendment 115 of 2022, which aimed to recognize personal […]

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