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Argentina: the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has issued the first decisions on trademark cancellation and lapsing

By Raquel Flanzbaum. On December 29, 2021, the first administrative resolutions were published in the Trademark Bulletin, where the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI, after its name in Spanish) decided substantive issues related to the invalidity of trademark registrations.  The 2018 legal reform had entrusted the INPI with the cancellation of trademark registrations (invalidity and […]

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New director proposed for the Argentine Agency for Access to Public Information

By Mariano Peruzzotti and Mateo Darget. The Chief of Cabinet proposed a new candidate for the position of Director of the Agency for Access to Public Information (“Agency”), supervisory authority of the Personal Data Protection Law, the Do Not Call Law and the Access to Public Information Law.  The appointment of a new director is pending since […]

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The National Registry of Persons released its Personal Data Protection Policy

By Mariano Peruzzotti and Mateo Darget. Introduction The National Registry of Persons (“ReNaPer” as it stands for its acronym in Spanish) approved on January 4, 2022, through Rule 1/2022 its Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”). The purpose of the Policy is to safeguard and protect the right to privacy of individuals whose personal data is processed by […]

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An online messaging platform was sanctioned for infringing consumer protection rights

By Mariano Peruzzotti, Mateo Darget and Andrea Sanchez Vicentini. The Argentine Consumer Protection and Arbitration Agency (in Spanish, Dirección Nacional de Defensa del Consumidor y Arbitraje en Consumo, “Agency”) imposed a sanction to a worldwide leading online messaging service platforms for considering that it violated the terms of Consumer Protection Law No. 24,240 (“CPL”). The fine amounted […]

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Changes to sequence listing format as of January 1st, 2022

By Rosario Mauro. The Argentine Patent Office published CIRCULAR No. 1/2021 which states that, in accordance with the provisions of the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS/5), as of January 1st, 2022 sequence listings must be submitted in XML format according to WIPO Standard ST.26. Standard ST.25 will continue in force for applications filed before January 1st, […]

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Changes on the labeling of wine products

By Juan Carlos Ojam and Antonella Balbo. On January 7, 2022, Resolution 26/2021 (“Resolution”), which was issued by the National Institute of Viticulture (“NIV”) on December 22, 2021, came into force after its publication in the Official Gazette. The Resolution provides for new labeling requirements applicable to domestic trade and exportation of wine products. The Resolution sets forth […]

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