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Fintech – Court seized a crypto-currency account

By Andrea Sanchez Vicentini. A District Court in the Province of Tucumán granted a request for a preventive seizure of assets on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The request was based on a promissory note without objection issued in March 2022 for the amount of USD 5,000 that was not canceled by the debtor. The Court […]

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Copyright – Legal Scandal: Druet vs. Cattelan

By Camila Sirianni and Olivia Molina. “What is the meaning of art?” The eternal question that seems to have no answer, adds a new concern to its enigma: who is the real author of an art work, is it the one who comes up with the idea or the one that brings the idea to […]

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Trademarks – “BUENOS AIRES”, of common use or liable to be owned?

By Antonella Balbo and Delfina Sejas. In this article, we comment on a recent ruling of the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber related to the trademark BUENOS AIRES, that analyzes common use elements and their weakness in trademark matters. Can a trademark holder have rights over a term that is considered of common use? This […]

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Privacy – Cyberattack on Cordoba’s judicial branch

By Delfina Sejas and Mateo Darget. On August 13, 2022, Córdoba´s Judicial System (from now onwards, “the System”) stopped working after receiving a cyberattack. As a result, the authorities filed a criminal complaint and the Cybercrime Prosecutor’s Office began to investigate the case. The attack was carried out by means of a “malware”, type ransomware. […]

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Trademarks – COLONIAL vs COLONIAL, identical, but distinct

By Amalia Prieto and Sol Baudino. On November 3, 2021, the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), decided to declare unfounded the opposition formulated by CHOCOLATE COLONIAL S.A. (Op. N° 623.815) against the Trademark application submitted by RAMDEL S.R.L. in class 30. Initially, RAMDEL S.R.L had applied for the aforementioned mixed trademark in order to […]

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Privacy – New bill to reform the Data Protection Law

By Delfina Sejas and Andrea Sanchez Vicentini. In August, the Agency for Access to Public Information announced that it will begin the process of reforming the Data Protection Law No 25.326 which was enacted in 2000. To that end, it was announced that they will offer the possibility of new spaces for debate with public […]

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