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Immoral and scandalous trademarks

By Diego Montanegro In the Argentine Trademark Bulletin No. 5663, it was published Provision DI-2024-141-APN-DNM#INPI, which enables the local Trademark Office (AR TMO) to object, or even reject, trademark applications, at any time during the registration proceeding, based on articles 2, paragraph “b”, and 3, paragraph “e”, of the Trademark and Trade Names Act[i]. These […]

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Data breaches: New regulation in Brazil and the importance of implementing robust protocols.

By Mariano Peruzzotti It is crucial for companies to consider all regulations concerning security breaches approved in different jurisdictions. On April 26, 2024, the Brazilian Data Protection Authority (“ANPD”) published Resolution CD/ANPD No. 15 (“Resolution”), which sets forth new guidelines for reporting security incidents. Key aspects of the Resolution Definition of a data breach: Any […]

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May 11, National Day of the Musical Author and Composer

By Ana Clara Barboza On May 11, but in 1813, the Argentine National Anthem was officially approved. The lyrics were composed by Vicente López y Planes and the Catalan pianist Blas Parera took it to the pentagram. If there is a music that unites and defines a nation, it is this one, which is why […]

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Important Update on Advertising Regulations: Argentina’s Resolution No. 12/2024

By Candela Basilotta The Argentine Secretariat of Industry and Commerce has enacted Resolution No. 12/2024, a pivotal regulation that aims to enhance transparency and fairness in advertising practices. Effective from May 2024, this new mandate requires all advertisements to clearly and accessibly disclose essential information about products and services. Resolution No. 12/2024 of the Secretariat […]

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