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News about Mercado Libre’s Brand Protection Program

By Belén Sorrentino. In May, Mercado Libre announced new tools for its intellectual property protection program “Brand Protection Program” (hereinafter “BPP”), applicable throughout Latin America. The first new feature is related to the BPP user’s account. The new “My account” section allows you to view the status of your intellectual property rights (active or expired) […]

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New Personal Data Protection Bill

By Andrea Sanchez Vicentini, Josefina Piñeiro, Mariano Peruzzotti and Julieta Martinez Correa. I. Current regime. In 2000 Personal Data Protection Law No. 25,326 (“PDPL”) was passed, which was subsequently regulated by Decree No. 1558/2001 and several resolutions, provisions and other regulations issued by the Argentine Agency for Access to Public Information (“AAPI”). Although no substantial […]

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Diversity And Inclusion – Age – The Silver Generation

By Raquel Flanzbaum. It is known that age is a very important factor when assessing inclusion in organizations. A lot has been said, and a lot will be said, about the generations that coexist in the labor market today: from baby boomers to centennials (or generation Z), each with its own features. it is also […]

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Is puffery lawful under the Argentine legislation?

By Paula Caraffa Morando and Josefina Piñeiro. Recently, the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice (“SCJ”) ruled on the use of exaggerations in advertising, as regards an advertisement made by Heinz, which provoked a conflict with Unilever (owner of the Hellmann’s trademark). Heinz used the phrases “Heinz, the most consumed ketchup in the world” and “Heinz, […]

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Recommendations for Artificial Intelligence implementation issued

By Andrea Sanchez Vicentini and Mariano Peruzzotti. The Cabinet of Ministers issued ethical recommendations for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the public sector. On June 2, 2023, Provision 2/2023 of the Undersecretariat of Information Technologies of the Cabinet of Ministers was published in the Official Gazette approving the “Recommendations for a Reliable Artificial Intelligence” […]

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