B-Corp Month: We are walking towards the future

B-Corp Month: We are walking towards the future

By Mariel Chichisola

It has been a year since we became a certified B Corporation. This achievement was not just a destination, but the beginning of a new journey for us. In this article, we will discuss how this certification has impacted us as a firm, as professionals, and as individuals. We will also explore the challenges that lie ahead and reflect on our experiences over the past year.  

We’ve been told jokingly that we do weird stuff, and it’s no shame for us to admit that it is true. We do weird stuff because we like the differential it gives us. From the very beginning of Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum, we knew that we wanted to be different. We consider ourselves as disruptive, avant-garde, and unique. More like a company that provides professional services rather than a traditional law firm. That’s why we’ve left behind the historical concept of “trademark and patent agency” to create our own imprint. As intellectual property and technology attorneys, we satisfy the specific needs of our clients, related to the protection of their intangible assets. Our goal is to provide creative and customized solutions for each case. 

But what does it really mean to be a B Company and how does it impact our work?  

First of all, it means that we are not only committed to financial success but also to our environment, our team and our communities. We believe that success, profitability, and sustainability can coexist. It’s about showing that it is possible to achieve all three together. 

Ever since we became an independent company, we have always strived to offer excellent services to our clients. It’s a quality that we take great pride in, and it’s a part of our DNA. Our team is also dedicated to making a positive impact in various ways, both within our organization and on society and the environment. 

For this reason, we experienced this certification as a necessary consequence of our differential value. Our culture naturally aligned itself with the standards required to achieve this recognition. Hence, the certification process essentially involved documenting all the work we had already accomplished. 

From our team integration activities, the blind hiring system, blood donation days, our recycling and waste separation policy, the hybrid modality to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint, the work with cooperatives such as “En Buenas Manos” and others, and our sponsorship of School Nº165 Paraje El Diablo, in Santiago del Estero, all the actions we carry out have the purpose of generating a positive impact.   

Now, how do we feel this impacts our daily work?  

The most important thing is the global vision of leaving a footprint, of generating an aggregated value, and promoting forms of organization that consider wellbeing broadly and integrally, taking into account not only the short term but the long one as well. This vision is necessarily seen in every service we provide, thinking of our clients in a personalized way. We are agents of transformation, each one of us strives to improve our processes and relationships within the team, towards our clients and towards society. We learn, we change and we transmit our learning and experience to achieve what we beieve is best for everyone.  

In Argentina, there are only three law firms that have been certified as B Corp, and we are proud to be one of them. By choosing us, our clients can rest assured that they will not only receive excellent service from a team that is committed to their needs, but also that they are working with a law firm that is dedicated to making a positive impact beyond the present day. We believe in being involved and thinking about the future generations, and strive to leave them a better world. 

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