News about Mercado Libre’s Brand Protection Program

News about Mercado Libre’s Brand Protection Program

By Belén Sorrentino.

In May, Mercado Libre announced new tools for its intellectual property protection program “Brand Protection Program” (hereinafter “BPP”), applicable throughout Latin America.

The first new feature is related to the BPP user’s account. The new “My account” section allows you to view the status of your intellectual property rights (active or expired) so that you can easily renew them if they have expired.

Moreover, Mercado Libre provides an efficiency indicator in the user’s account based on rejected, withdrawn or unanswered complaints. In case poor efficiency is detected, Mercado Libre may limit the number of daily complaints.

The second new feature, oriented to the reactivation of reported publications, is a great tool since it allows the BPP user to reactivate publications without the need to contact the Mercado Libre team, once an agreement has been reached with the offenders. This allows a faster reactivation so as not to damage the seller´s reputation.

Intellectual property protection programs, such as the Brand Protection Program offered by Mercado Libre, are an essential resource when it comes to protecting intellectual property rights, since they allow reporting any infringement carried out on the platform and obtaining the immediate removal of the contents.

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