Naming and Branding – Expanding universe: building and investing in a brand is profitable

Naming and Branding – Expanding universe: building and investing in a brand is profitable

By Fabiana Pettersen.

The name of a project is the first step toward its own identity. The brand name makes the project unique. That is why at Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum we do not take the choice of a brand name lightly.

As Jorge Otamendi states in Derecho de Marcas (Trademark Law), the essential function of a trademark is to allow the distinction between goods or services of the same kind and, if the sign is not capable of distinguishing one product or service from another, it cannot be a trademark. The trademark is used to enable a buyer to choose among several suppliers or to re-purchase the same product or service that he has already purchased previously.

In other words, a brand is an essential tool for the differentiation of a project, product or service and, therefore, it is also one of the most important assets of a competitive business. This asset’s management can affect the success – or failure – of the business.

Brand equity, i.e., how much the consumer will be willing to pay for the brand vs. the product or service, is the value added to products and services and it is reflected in the market share and profitability that the brand generates for the company.

After more than 20 years of providing intellectual property services, we are facing the challenge of being present at the origin and assisting our clients, not only in the protection, defense, and enhancement of their trademarks, but also in the choice of that name that makes their business unique and, at the same time, can be registered as a trademark.

We are expanding the IP universe to accompany our clients from the very conception of their brand. In addition to having a network of collaborators specialized in accounting, communication, marketing, and sales, at Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum we incorporate Naming and Branding services.

Naming is the process by which the name of a brand is determined. Branding is the process of building a brand and it is transversal to marketing. Naming and branding are linked at the birth of the brand, at that moment when we find the name of a project, product, or service. They are directly related to marketing and business strategy.

A brand strategy can transform the brand into one of the main assets of the business and that is the reason why we believe it is necessary to identify the most appropriate way to achieve a differential place in the consumer’s mind from the moment of the birth of the brand. Of course, all the branding effort that will follow also requires that there is no noise between the consumer’s perceived experience with the product or service and the organization’s culture.

Through a good naming process, we give meaning to a brand; we provide it with an appropriate name, making it more attractive and, above all, more recognizable. For that reason, at Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum we are convinced that this need we detect among entrepreneurs is transferable to large companies with large brand portfolios.

Likewise, we consider it highly convenient and efficient to generate a Latin American strategy, creating a regionally registrable brand name and working with local collaborators in a preliminary trademark search, through our network of agents, to determine its availability for registration throughout Latam. 

We form creative alliances with our clients to find the name that best suits the needs of the project, and that responds to the positioning, the proposal, and the values of the brand, locally and internationally. A brand name that is relevant to capture the consumer’s attention and emotion.

Big or small, entrepreneurial or multinational, local or international, at Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum we know how to adapt to the needs of our clients and find the brand that identifies them and links them with their target audience.

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