May 11, National Day of the Musical Author and Composer

May 11, National Day of the Musical Author and Composer

By Ana Clara Barboza

On May 11, but in 1813, the Argentine National Anthem was officially approved. The lyrics were composed by Vicente López y Planes and the Catalan pianist Blas Parera took it to the pentagram. If there is a music that unites and defines a nation, it is this one, which is why every May 11 the Day of the Musical Author and Composer is commemorated here.

This date of commemoration was proposed by the Argentine Society of Music Authors and Composers (SADAIC), created in 1936 by Law 17.648. This organization is the only entity authorized to collect and distribute the royalties generated by the use of musical works, whether national or foreign. 

It should be remembered that copyrights arise in the creator of all kinds of works, whether they are musical, literary, scientific, artistic, didactic, computer programs, software designs, among many others.

These rights give the author of the work the power to prevent the unauthorized use of the work by a third party.

How is the registration procedure done?

It is done at the Registry of Intellectual Property (today called National Directorate of Copyrights), the body in charge of the deposit system for published or unpublished works of authorship. The latter are those which, as their name indicates, have not yet been released to the public.

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