IT – Resolution 139/2022 – Ministry of Security

IT – Resolution 139/2022 – Ministry of Security

By Mariano Peruzzotti and Belen Sorrentino.

On March 17, 2022, Resolution 139/2022 of the Ministry of Security was published in the Official Gazette. This new regulation created the High- Tech Cybercrime Investigation Center (in Spanish “Centro de Investigaciones del Ciberdelito de Alta Tecnología)) within the framework of the “Program for Strengthening Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation”. Resolution 139/2022 sets forth the Center’s purposes, actions and structure.

The most relevant aspects of the Center´s activities are the following:

  • The Center must initiate an investigation when there is a presumption of possible criminal activity against computers, information systems and/or computer networks or the potential existence of a criminal organization.
  • The Center must cooperate in the investigation of crimes against the sexual integrity of children and adolescents allegedly committed through electronic means.
  • The Center´s main purpose is to assist the local police and to analyze and propose methods, techniques, tools, processes and protocols to achieve continuous improvement of police action against cybercrime.

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