Our Planet

Our Planet

At Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum, we have a clear objective ahead of us: to minimize the negative environmental impact of our activities. To achieve this, we implement procedures that reconcile productivity, human comfort, and environmental care. We also promote the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

Among the established principles and procedures, we emphasize sustainable waste management (reduce, reuse, and recycle) in our workspaces and monitor to minimize energy consumption. These two practices contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we implement remote work and carbon footprint offsetting to combat the climate emergency.

We believe that education is the path to achieving proper implementation of this management system, as well as the adoption of sustainable practices in the homes of our collaborators. For this reason, we focus on creating action plans complemented by training, aiming to foster an organizational culture oriented towards resource and environmental conservation. We appeal to both individual and collective action so that the impact of our activities can extend to other aspects of daily life.

We are convinced that with small actions, we can contribute to changing reality!

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