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New services must implement the “Unsubscribe Button” in their websites

By Mariano Peruzzotti and Antonella Balbo. On May 31, 2021, Rule No. 357/2021 (“Rule”) of the National Directorate of Consumer Protection and Consumer Arbitration that extends the list of services that are compelled to implement the “Unsubscribe Button” was published in the Official Gazette. The Unsubscribe Button was established by Regulation No. 316/18 of the former […]

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Legal developments concerning the wine industry

By Juan Carlos Ojam and Antonella Balbo. We report the latest legal news related to the viticulture industry in Argentina: Minimum degrees of alcoholic content for 2021 Harvests On May 31, 2021, Resolution 7/2021 (“Resolution 7/21”) of the National Institute of Viticulture (“NIV”) was published in the Official Gazette. This new rule sets the minimum degrees of generic […]

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News on the Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry

By Belen Recchini and Antonella Balbo. Recently, a Bill promoted by the Minister of Productive Development (hereinafter “the Bill”) has been presented to the National Congress, seeking to regulate the development of the Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry. The Bill aims to provide regulation on public and private investment throughout the production and supply […]

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About the so-called “repeat trademarks”

By Raquel Flanzbaum. In a recent resolution, dated April 21, 2021, the enlarged Sixth Chamber of the General Court of the European Union confirmed the decision of the lower court of the European Union Patent and Trademark Office (EUIPO), which had declared the registration of the European MONOPOLY trademark partially invalid, as it had been […]

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Proof of use: A valuable guide by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

By María Luisa Santa María. Proof of use: A valuable guide by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office In March, 2021, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office issued its Informative Guide on Evidence of Use. These guidelines consist in a compilation of some principles already recognized by the Argentine courts, but also provide a systematized […]

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News on personal data protection

By Mariano Peruzzotti and Valentina Gonzáles Medina. In this BeNews edition we comment on three news concerning privacy that took place during the last weeks: (i) a sanction imposed on a company for not responding to a request to delete personal data; (ii) the order to suspend the update of the privacy policies of WhatsApp; […]

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News regarding IT matters

By Mariano Peruzzotti and Valentina Gonzáles Medina. This edition includes a brief comment about Communication “A” 7266 of the Central Bank of Argentina on guidelines for security incidents response and recovery, the creation of the Advisory Committee for the Development and Implementation of Secure Applications and the signature of an Agreement between the Legal and Technical […]

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