June 5 – World Environment Day

June 5 – World Environment Day

Here are 9 ways to make your office more eco-friendly👇

1. Promote the “3 Rs”: reduce, reuse, recycle. Minimize the consumption of products that, at the end of their useful life, become waste.

2. Waste separation: Have a space to separate the waste into recyclables and trash.

3. Love bottles:
– It involves filling a plastic bottle with any type of plastic
– Compact them as much as possible with a long rod
– Once full, take them to a coupling center so that an ONG can pick them up
– They are used as plastic bricks or plastic wood

4. Compost bin: have one to dump organic waste and make compost.

5. Go paperless: try to reduce as much as possible the use of paper and switch to digital documents.

6. Non-disposable tableware: use cups, cutlery, glasses and bottles that are not made of plastic.

7. Green space: plant plants or a small garden. It cleans the air and improves productivity and motivation.

8. Natural light: make the most of it, and then use LED or low consumption lights

9. Batteries: use rechargeable batteries, and store traditional batteries safely and send them to recycling

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